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What is the Evidence Collection System?
What is the Evidence Collection System?
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Evidence Collection System is a system that lets you, as a merchant, provide compelling evidence which is not available through direct integrations. Providing this evidence can dramatically increase the chances of winning a dispute.

The system is available on the dispute page and includes four blocks in total: Customer Communication, Tracking Information, Invoice, and Additional Evidence; However, not all the blocks will be required for every dispute, only the ones that are needed and relevant to the dispute.

The widget is not available when one of the above is true:

  1. The dispute's status is "Under Review", or the dispute was closed (either "Won" or "Lost").

  2. The dispute is not handled by Chargeflow.

  3. The dispute was flagged as "Intentional Fraud".

For your information: It is highly recommended to upload as much information as possible to enrich the response that will ultimately be submitted to the bank.

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