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What is ChargeResponse®?
What is ChargeResponse®?
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ChargeResponse is Chargeflow’s proprietary autonomous dispute response generator that provides a quick and qualitative result in milliseconds and assembles the world's most robust dispute response using 50+ different data points and AI & ML algorithms. The end result is a thorough, evidence-based dispute response with the highest win-rates across the industry.

Generating a dispute response might sound easy, but did you know there are over 100 chargeback reasons across the credit card networks, and each one requires a unique set of compelling evidence? Well, ChargeResponse was built especially for that! Its algorithms analyze any chargeback reason and form best-in-class chargeback evidence based on hundreds of variables, from integrated and 3rd party sources.

How does ChargeResponse work

🧲 It links between the dispute to its corresponding order data from the merchant’s eCommerce platform.

🔬 It understands the company’s background and the chargeback reason by analyzing the company's expertise alongside the dispute reason.

🌐 It uses 50+ data points, data enrichment systems, and many more factors to cross-check any piece of information that might be relevant.

📋 It analyzes the merchant’s policies and terms and provides the right sections that support the compelling evidence and improve its winning chances.

📝 Most importantly, it keeps learning using our unique and powerful Machine Learning Algorithm.

How can we ensure its success is real?

We believe in numbers. Our submission rate is 100%, and an average disputes win rate of 75% - the industry-leading result.

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