We want you to have complete control over your disputes and decide whether you want us to take care of a specific dispute or not. Therefore, we are providing you the option to turn off Chargeflow’s dispute management for any case you like.

You can turn off our managed service by toggling off "Handle by Chargeflow". If “Handle by Chargeflow” is off, our system will not manage this dispute and not charge you if winning. Make sure you submit evidence for this dispute, else, you will probably lose it.

For your convenience, it doesn't matter if "Handle by Chargeflow" is toggled on or off - all the details on the dispute, suggestions, and instructions will be available for you.

Note: you can turn off “Handle by Chargeflow” only for disputes that are in the open stage and are awaiting evidence submission. Also, intentional fraud disputes cannot be handled by Chargeflow.

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