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Does Chargeflow cover the whole dispute process?
Does Chargeflow cover the whole dispute process?
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We definitely do.

We believe in handling processes from end-to-end using our AI & ML algorithms to solve any stage of the dispute: inquiry, chargeback, or second appeal.

Let’s focus on inquiries and chargebacks and how we involve in those stages:

  1. Inquiry means that the cardholder’s bank didn’t take the disputed amount or a fee right away; It gives you, the merchant, the possibility to avoid a chargeback by refunding the client or submitting compelling evidence without paying any fee. At this stage, we will work on finding a solution with the cardholder that is fair and justifiable for both parties.

  2. If the inquiry can’t be solved, it turns into a chargeback, which means the cardholder’s bank takes the disputed amount accompanied by a fee; At this stage, our system will detect the dispute stage has been changed and use our powerful ChargeResponse system to fight the chargeback.

For PayPal disputes, Chargeflow also works straight from the inquiry phase until (and if) it turns to a chargeback. If our Dispute Experts will need any additional information, they will reach out.

At any stage, our system will automatically aggregate all parsed dispute and order details into a compelling evidence dispute response and will submit it to the relevant processor for review.

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