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What does Intentional Fraud mean?
What does Intentional Fraud mean?
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Credit card fraud occurs when an individual has an intent to fraudulently obtain money, goods, or services by using the credit card of a cardholder who has not authorized its use.

In other words, it means that this credit card is lost or stolen, and another party is abusing merchants with it, purchasing products and services, while they do not own the card.

At the same time, the real cardholder may notice this charge on his statement, and report fraud to his credit card provider. As a result, your business will be subjected to a fraudulent chargeback.

Even so, Chargeflow will contest chargebacks resulting from "Intentional Fraud"; however, the win rate in such cases is relatively low since the cardholder legitimately claims that their identity or credit card has been stolen and misused.

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