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How to Deactivate Your Chargeflow Account
How to Deactivate Your Chargeflow Account
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To deactivate your Chargeflow account, go into the Chargeflow dashboard and click on Settings -> Account Deactivation.

Click the red link and complete the short deactivation form. Our team will process your request and deactivate your account promptly.

Please wait for our team to notify you about the successful deactivation before uninstalling our app via Shopify or Stripe, as there may be outstanding billing on your account that needs to be settled beforehand.

Uninstalling Chargeflow from Shopify:

If you're connected to Chargeflow via your Shopify account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to "Apps" in your Shopify admin.

  2. Find and click on "Chargeflow."

  3. Select "Uninstall."

Uninstalling the Chargeflow Stripe App:

If you use Chargeflow's Stripe App, follow the steps below to uninstall it:
Open the app and click on the settings menu at the top.

  1. Open Chargeflow Stripe App and click on the menu at the top right corner.

  2. Select "View app settings."

  3. You'll be directed to the Chargeflow Stipe App settings page. Click on "Uninstall" at the top right corner.


  4. A pop-up will ask for confirmation. Confirm to uninstall

We hope to welcome you back to Chargeflow in the future!

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