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Intro to Chargeflow Alerts
Intro to Chargeflow Alerts
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What are Chargeflow Alerts?

Chargeflow Alerts is an early warning system that allows you to prevent chargebacks before they are created, mainly used to protect your payment processing account and reduce your dispute rate by up to 90%.

Why Alerts?

This automated solution allows businesses to prevent disputes automatically, before they turn into chargebacks, helping to protect them from potential merchant account suspensions and preventing card monitoring prorgams threats.

The solution provides peace of mind keeping your chargeback ratio below any negative thresholds allowing you to accept higher-risk transactions, reduce your decline rates, and increase your revenue.

How does it work?

Before chargebacks occur, they start off as disputed transactions. Chargeflow Alerts are connected directly to the card schemes and gets notified immediately when a dispute is initiated. Once notified, Chargeflow finds the transaction and refunds it to prevent the chargeback.

How do Chargeflow Alerts Work?

Chargeflow receives indications from Visa and Mastercard the moment a customer takes action towards a chargeback.

Ethoca and Verifi sends a notification and issue an automatic refund to the customer before the inquiry arrives at the chargeback stage. Once a refund is issued, the chargeback is avoided. If Chargeflow cannot locate a transaction, or there is a duplicate alert, you won’t be billed for that. You will only be billed for prevented chargebacks.

💡 Chargeflow Alerts is a full solution where you only pay for prevented chargebacks, not for alerts. This means Chargeflow handles locating transactions and issuing refunds on your behalf, and you won’t receive duplicate alerts from different providers.

Chargeback Ratio Effect

The more chargebacks filed against you, the higher your chargeback ratio. The chargeback ratio is one of the main factors your payment processor uses to determine your risk level and ability to process payments. The higher your chargeback ratio, the more unlikely you are to maintain good business relationships with your credit card acquirer or payment processor.

How does Chargeflow do this?

Chargeflow integrates with Ethoca and Verifi, subsidiaries of Mastercard and Visa respectively, to provide comprehensive chargeback prevention and dispute resolution services. Additionally, Chargeflow employs proprietary technology and a global network of thousands of merchants working together to identify disputes before they happen, significantly increasing alert coverage. By leveraging these networks and advanced tech, Chargeflow receives real-time notifications of disputed transactions, offering broader alert coverage and enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of early chargeback detection.

This integration and technology ensures full coverage of all major chargeback prevention and dispute resolution providers, significantly enhancing chargeback prevention and reducing chargebacks by 90%.


Thanks to our advanced technology and data insights, the reduction of chargebacks is achieved through a proactive approach that empowers merchants to tackle potential disputes before they escalate into full-fledged chargebacks. This ensures you can maintain your business's most important asset - processing payments safely, while allowing you to focus on what's most important, growing and maintaining your business!

To learn about the feature setup and enrollment see here: Signing Up for Chargeflow Alerts

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