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Why do we need Collaboration Access to Shopify?
Why do we need Collaboration Access to Shopify?
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What is collaborator access?

Collaborator access allows you to grant access to your admin portal to a certified Shopify Partner directly from their account, and limit their permissions by managing what they can and cannot see.

Why do we need collaborator access?

Our goal is to provide you with a solution that requires minimum to no action from your side, and although we are fetching all the relevant data using Shopify’s API, some data is unavailable through this channel. Therefore, we ask for the least amount of access possible, so we can automate chargebacks for you without exposing any unnecessary information.

What are the permissions that we usually request?

  • Orders - By granting us access to your orders, we can see much more than just the raw data of the order, but more metadata that helps us, such as customer communication, order lifecycle, fraud detection, update a response, and more.

  • View Shopify Payments Payouts - By granting us access to your Shopify Payment Payouts, we can run a deep check on transactions processed through this processor, and conduct a comprehensive analysis of fraud activities that our system detects.

  • Customers - By granting us access to your customers' profiles, we can identify fraudulent activities, link fake accounts to a potential fraudster, and help you prevent chargebacks.

  • Manage and Install Apps and Channels - By granting us access to your installed Shopify apps, we can reproduce bugs you might face and debug them, to promise a smooth experience with our app.

This option will not count against your store’s staff limit and will only grant us minimal permission to manage your Shopify Payments disputes.

To read more about collaborator permissions, check this article published by Shopify.

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