We want you to feel like a pilot that’s flying his plane on autopilot, with no human intervention, so you can keep focusing on growth and innovation without even thinking about chargebacks.

Due to current limitations forced by Shopify’s API, including the ability to submit evidence on your behalf for Shopify Payments disputes, we leverage the collaboration access feature offered by Shopify.

In your collaboration access request, we ask for the least amount of access possible, so we can automate chargebacks for you without exposing any unnecessary information.

Here are the collaborator permissions we may request:

  • “Orders” - Shopify does not give access to the full APIs we need to handle and submit your chargebacks as of yet, therefore we need to increase our data source and enrich the data we need for doing so. (required)

  • “View Shopify Payments Payouts” - Shopify does not allow us to send permission access request to manage disputes only. This is the reason we request permission to Shopify Payments Payouts. (required)

  • “Customers” - When reviewing fraudulent activity, our team initiates an investigation of the store to look for additional data that may be related, and to alert the merchant of future fraud transactions that will result in chargebacks if no action is taken.

  • “Manage and Install Apps and Channels” - We need this access in case there’s a technical issue with your app/dashboard. This access will help to resolve it. In addition, you might be using an app that can be useful when investigating a chargeback case or be added to compelling evidence.

This option will not count against your store’s staff limit and will only grant us minimal permission to manage your Shopify Payments disputes.

To read more about collaborator permissions, check this article published by Shopify.

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