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Security at Chargeflow
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We appreciate and take very seriously the trust our customers put in us by joining our community, and that’s why protecting your data from unauthorized access, disclosure, inappropriate use, and loss of access is our top priority;

Hence, to ensure this is done correctly, we use security industry best practices and cutting-edge standard technologies and services following the highest industry compliance standards available.

To ensure that our users’ data are safe and secure we have obtained the SOC 2 attestation as part of our ongoing efforts.

SOC 2 compliance requires Chargeflow to run through a wide cybersecurity project and complete an audit with an AICPA-certified CPA firm. The auditor reviews and tests the cybersecurity controls to the SOC 2 standard and writes a report documenting their findings.

We have successfully achieved SOC2 Type I certification, demonstrating our commitment to protecting our customers' data protection. We also adhere to GDPR regulations and practices.

Our internal security procedures include ‘need-to-know’ access to customer data, employee background checks, security awareness training, and signing a confidentiality agreement.

Additionally, we ensure that our sub-processors comply with appropriate security policies and standards and are up-to-date with industry compliance standards to promise smooth and safe data transition.

We welcome you to keep track of our security policy, as it is constantly updated and aligned with the highest industry compliance standards.

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